Town – Park “Sapphire of the Urals”

Town – Park “Sapphire of the Urals” | 2007



data project

date: 2007
cliente: Stroitek
object:  Town-Park “Sapphire of the Urals”
size data:
Surface of the area 2,485,584 sq. m.
Residential gfs 171,555 sq.m.
Town houses No.340
Villas No.286
Public gfs 198,116 sq.m.
Total volume 1,223,530 c.m.
Population 2,960 inhabitants

Services: Preliminary project – Definitive project

The new settlement shall be an instrument symbol in the lead for the Region Cheliabinsk and Russia. The modern innovative conception shall have the purpose to create: social balance, life quality and financial profits. The creation of a unique, strong and positive personality of the village shall encourage the attraction of inhabitants and potential investors, fostering the increase of the value of its properties/estates. The bond between Man and Environment shall infect positively all visitors.
The urban functions shall come one after another and integrate themselves with the nature, creating a unique and exclusive model focussed on the lake. The geometries of the urban networks, road axes, distances between functional Focuses and the various domains as well as acoustic perception and lighting shall be designed according to the principles of the best “urban ergonomics”.

The three private, half-private and public domains shall integrate themselves without perceptive continuity solution, representing themselves in a single Habitat. The buildings shall be innovative and of quality for all the typologies: homes, laboratories, commercial activities, recreational. The reference shall be the “Italian Life Style”, finishes and components shall be in line with the highest international standards. The absolute quality of the buildings shall take both construction-site needs and fast construction times into account as well as the cultural and economic development of Russia, concerning not only present needs, but also future evolutions as a guarantee for a long-lasting and economically efficient property value. The Town Park shall be intended as an ecologic concept. From the building typology to materials, components, the use and exploitation of energy and natural sources to waste disposal, everything shall be imprinted by ecologic and sustainability principles according to the international Kioto protocol.

The Village shall be conceived as an “Ecosystem”. Everything that will be removed from the environment shall be given back with a better quality. The intervention shall be marked by environmental protection and economic consequence. Absolutely advanced technologies shall be used to make the Village an exemplary model for Russia. Construction technologies, materials and components, mechanical plants, electric and communication networks shall be conceived as “open” systems that can be updated and implemented according to the new needs and international trends. Creating a Master Plan that allows controlling and planning investments, enabling the territory construction by steps, according to the market conditions and needs. The economy shall be run both basing on building real-estate investments and on new activities to be installed creating an economic reservoir.