Royal Oman Police

Royal Oman Police | Oman | 2011



project data

data: 2011
client: Sultano e polizia reale dell’Oman
object:  Kuban Tower Centre
location: Krasnodar, Russia
size data:
40.760 sq.m. Total area;
13.690 sq.m. Police station building;
3.095 sq.m. Public service building;
23.975 sq.m. Accomodation;
2.790 sq.m. External area;
1.875 sq.m. Technical area

services: Preliminary project

The Matrix of the building complex is an octagonal structure developed around a large central space from where eight branches depart divided in three independent but integrated zones: Police station building, Public service building, Acomodations.
The adopted octagonal scheme derives from the desire to merge the three independent areas, functionally different, inside a single geometry which from the distributive point of view would guarantee the maximum efficiency of the plants, security systems with consequent advantages in human and economic resources as well as engineering plants, building and management ones.
The building presents itself as a monolith of a high aesthetic and symbolic value, apt to represent efficiently the importance and the role of the Royal Oman Police, where tradition and progress can be seized from the perceptive aerial phase, from the urban macro scale, from the skyline view till its very inside.

Special attention has been given in the project to the contextualization which is expressed through the “Darwinian” principle by keeping into consideration various geographical, urban and climatic characteristics, as well as by the realization of a technological “Kit” which is purposed to adapt the building organism to its own Habitat, to seize its particular “Genius”.
The octagonal mesh layout characterized by the toroidal plant distribution and by the vertical walkways as a base of the radial axes, is conceived to ensure the possible future evolutions and modifications of the layout.
The precast construction system has been chosen both for the reason of the structural grid and for the external shell.
The structure has been conceived as an organism that is able to tap into the natural energy resources present in the place, sometimes being extreme and to manage these resources in an advanced way, as well, with the help of sophisticated systems.