Reading Room – Milan Polytechnic – New University Pole in Lecco

Reading Room – Milan Polytechnic – New University Pole | Lecco | 2012-2015



project data

date: 2012-2015
client: Colombo Costruzioni S.p.a.
object:  SREADING ROOM – Milan Polytechnic – New University Pole in Lecco
location: Lecco
size data: Floor n° 3; Total gross floor: smq
services: Preliminary, definitive and executive project

The reading room is volumetrically in the open space of the courtyard defined by the comb-geometry of the existing building.

It lies like a woven nest made of steel that exploits the three exterior walls that determine the court of the surrounding building overlooking the garden with a spectacular transparent facade.

Arranged on two levels, the volume of the upper floor, with smaller dimensions, is detached from the surrounding walls and becoming a space floating over the area below.

The perimeter of the transparent shell and a large central “eye” ensure adequate natural lighting.

The materials and the colors chosen for the building are related to the idea of domestic perception.

The Oak wood industrial texture, the “enveloping” white steel frame structure, the existing diluted-yellow perimeter walls and the Zenithal light make up an evocative, dynamic atmosphere, with a spirituality suited to the purpose.

The distribution of the functional areas, the study of pathways, the ergonomics of each location for the consultation of volumes has been developed according to the rules dictated by the British Standards Institution (BSI).