Office Building Bonaiti box Office

Office Building box Office | Calolziocorte | 1993




Project data

date: 1993
client: Bonaiti spa
object: Office building in Calolziocorte, (Lc)
size data:
Surface 435 sq. m.
Volumetry 3,197 c.m.
project stage: Preliminary, definitive, executive project and works direction

The office building for Bonaiti spa certainly represents one of the first examples of dry-stone construction inside an existing volume, anticipating what is usually referred to as “double-skin” façade today.
The Client demanded a changing-room area and new offices in short times and at efficient costs on an area that was occupied by an industrial warehouse. Therefore, we chose to keep the integral outer covering, which represents a sort of “carapace”, a protective shell to control the inner microclimate; while the inner structure was made in totally dry completed carpentry work to minimize execution times, assembling the various components for the formation of floors, side-walls and inner partition walls.
Electric plant risers are to be found in the dry/blind area as well as the equipments and pipelines of mechanical plants. The same area is also used to release air in the summer time, while it favours sun captation in winter, allowing energy saving.