Multifunctional complex Expo Brescia

Multifunctional complex Expo Brescia | Brescia | 2009



project data

data: 2009
customer: Expò development s.r.l.
focus:  Tertiary building, commercial and accomodation complex
location: Brescia, Italy
dimensional data:
superficie area 94.000 mq;
superficie edificata 48.780 mq

project stage: Masterplan approvato
plants: Brescia2 progetti s.r.l. – Brescia

landscaping:: Lab.01
partners: Draco progetti srl

The project is outlined as a multifunctional complex where the activities connected with commercial and tertiary functions as well as with accommodation blend forming a planimetric structure which is distributed around the existing fair pavilions.

The buildings are constructed according to radial geometry and are immersed in a high environmental quality context; car parkings, green areas, water mirrors surround the functional units and are connected to each other by footbridges and lifts.

The modular shopping units are integrated in the context and their full-length windows overlook a large green square and the water mirror.

Greenery wraps up the section creating green geometries on the roofing. The tertiary section is linked with the large square by means of an overhead passageway that overpasses the urban road network and “planes” right in the service area, a large hall which, together with three towers, forms the tertiary accommodation section.

The three 70 m high towers alter their shape and functionality according to Darwinian principles. The towers were conceived with the purpose to reach energetic autonomy. Indeed, their southern part has a photovoltaic skin and on the top of them aeolian rotors are placed to transform breeze into electric power.