Masterplan for the new Mediterranean tourist scene

Masterplan for the new Mediterranean tourist scene | Tabarka – Tunisia | 2008



project data

date: 2008
client: Prokapital
object:  Piano d’intervento per un nuovo scenario turistico mediterraneo
location: Tabarka – Tunisia
size data:
Total area 148,908,890 sq.m.;
protected surface 121,947,370 sq.m.;
intervention area 26,961,520 370 sq.m.;
covered surface 2,208,754 sq.m.;
total gross floor surface 2,648,990 sq.m.;
beds n° 41,588

services: Preliminary project
partners: G. Rustignoli Ingegneria

The intervention plan for the new Mediterranean scene in Tabarka shall be an instrument symbol of avant-garde for Tunisia and the attraction reference pole in the Mediterranean basin. The modern innovative conception shall be aimed at the creation of: social balance and economic costruzione in the region.
The creation of a single and at the same time multiple, strong and positive personality shall encourage attraction of inhabitants and potential investors, fostering territory upgrading. The best synthesis of the Mediterranean culture will be represented, emphasising concepts of deep tradition and exclusive modernity, drawing from the cultural, artistic, natural heritage, which will be expresses in sophisticated and unique charm. The peculiarities and personalities of single areas will create a sort of indissoluble imprinting between Man and Mediterranean character that will positively infect all visitors and future inhabitants.

Urban functions shall come one after another and integrate into nature, creating a unique and exclusive model with more theme focuses, located in the various present geographical areas such as the harbour, the lake, golf and the recreational area and the urbanised domains. The geometries of urban networks, road axes, vegetal and mineral surfaces, the distances among the functional focuses and the various domains as well as the visual, acoustic and technical-lighting perceptions shall be designed according to the principles of the best “urban ergonomics”, conveying the outstanding Mediterranean references.
Buildings shall be innovative and top quality for all accommodation typologies: residential, laboratories, accommodation, commercial and recreational activities. The architectural reference shall be the new “Mediterranean Life Style”, mix between Italian glamour and oriental charm, the materials, finishes and components shall be in line with the highest international standards.

The absolute quality of constructions shall take construction sites, fast construction times and costruzione in Tunisia into account, with a view onto present needs as well as future evolutions as a guarantee for a durable and economically efficient estate value.
The intervention shall be intended as an ecological concept.
Everything shall be marked by ecological and sustainability principles, from construction typologies to materials, components, the use and exploitation of natural and energy sources, to waste disposal. The intervention plan shall be conceived as an “Ecosystem”.
All that is taken away from the environment and transformed shall be given back higher quality. The intervention shall be marked by environmental and consequently economic protection.