La Casa del Ben-Essere

La casa del Ben-Essere | Milano | 2010




project data

date: 2010
client: Municipality of Milan – Assessorato alla Salute
object:  Prototype of eco-efficient housing unit
location: Milan
size data:
Total gross floor surface 100 sq.m., kWh/sq.m. per year 5.80, Kg CO2//sq.m. per year 1.45, CO2/per year 116

una iniziativa di:
Fumagalli Edilizia Industrializzata, G.D. Comm
patrocinata da:
Comune di Milano –Assessorato alla salute
progetto architettonico e coordinamento:
paolo bodega architettura
design team:
Paolo Bodega, Chiara Airoldi, con Luca Castelli, Chiara Longoni, Roberto Songini, Takamasa Sugiura
structure project:
Studio associato Ellevi, Ingg. Maurizio Faravelli e Luigi Rigamonti: calcolatori e direzione lavori strutturale, Ing. Sara Placer: collaborazione.
progetto energetico:
TECHNION srl – Ingegneria impiantistica, ing. Raoul Cassinelli: direzione tecnica impianti ed energetica, ing. Stefano Rusconi: consulenza impianti elettrici e speciali, p.i. Maurizio Sarotti: consulenza impianti meccanici ed energetica.
domotica: BTicino
con la collaborazione di:
Artemide, Braendli & C., Domoticaeluce, Elam, Emmeti, GPA Assiparos, Hydro Ware, Idrotermica Carpani, ILVA, Il Parquet Colombari, Knauf Italia, Oikos Fragrances, Pramac, Rattiflora Sabic Innovative Plastics, SAVOgi , Silent Gliss, Sipam, Sony Italia, Technokolla,
Technoogym, Teuco Guzzini, Tisettanta, Tre P & Tre Più, Vanoncini

comunicazione e Ufficio stampa:
Correlazioni – Giorgio Cortella Relazioni Pubbliche
fotografia: Archivio PBA

The “La Casa del Ben-Essere” (the“House of Well-being”) project ordered by the Health Department of Milan Municipality involved the studio into a fascinating challenge, that is to link two key notions, both of which possess a universe of their own. “La Casa” (a “House”) is, par excellence, the place one identifies his wishes and his most secret expectations with; it’s where his values and affects, his most intim and private spheres are deposited, as well as his relational sphere.
While “ben-essere” (“well-being”) is meant here as a whole of perceptions, sensations, emotions: it is something absolutely intangible but at the same time concrete; it’s a special way of living the space and the activities practised inside of it enjoying such values as health, security, accessibility, physical and mental well-being, comfort, ergonomics, multi-sensitivity.

Similar to a leaf, to a seashell and to natural elements, from the most elementary ones to the most complex ones, which evolve and alter their shape, colour and “performance” according to the surrounding environmental conditions, so does the “La Casa del Ben-Essere” evolving and adjusting itself to the requirements of its inhabitants, to various hours of the day and to the changes of seasons. To make it all possible, a catalog of material and immaterial elements has been made use of, the elements assembled emplementing chemistry and physics, measurable and subtle energy, indigenous and planetary cultures, common sense, according to the antropometrics linked to the notion of Well-being for a wide range of consumers.
The traditional spaces (a bathroom, rooms, a living-room, a dining-room, a kitchen) are substituted for the “Convertible areas”, which match with lively flexibility the activities practised by an Individual: a relational zone, the zone of taste, of personal care, the memory zone, the movement and game zone, the zone of love, of a hobby, “the open and green” zones.

Indeed, it is a construction with flexible distribution where traditional spaces and more innovatory areas blend, where the traditional limits between the inside and the outside, between the natural and artificial are overcome with the help of a “single space” in which the permeability cancels the perceptive and sensorial limits, as if in a magic box. Like every living organism which grows and reproduces itself, so does the “La Casa del Benessere©” being able to be aggergated to other cells due to the construction system employed, which recurs to the use of idustrial building technology “Housing System” which employs big reinforced concrete panels. This system not only possesses the conscious building ethics, but also allows the implementation of the innovative spacial geometries according to aggregation models which adjust themselves to any requirement and integrate in an optimal way in various types of habitat.