Enlargement and Renovation of School Buildings

Enlargement and Renovation of School Buildings | Minoprio | 1994



Project data

date: 1994
client: Minoprio Foundation, Minoprio (Co)
object: Enlargement and renovation of the buildings and facilities
size data:
Surface 10,783 sq. m.
Volumetry 38,093 c. m.
project stage: Invitation competition. No. 1 ranking
Preliminary and definitive project
Progetto preliminare e definitivo

A preliminary analysis of the involved intervention reality gave the following results: Minoprio Foundation represents a very articulated institution having several needs and costruzione strategies to be observed and favoured through an adequate architectural answer as well.

The educational activity of professional training is flanked by more numerous context activities (consulting, research, certification, eco-tourism, direct sales): each activity satisfies the needs of differentiated partners and at the same time requires resources, times, knowledge, professionalism, specific management logics and modalities, differentiated spaces and places. We have defined a grid, an ideal outline, within which the different functions shall be regulated: order and distinction for a coherent and productive whole.

We want to guarantee continuity to the landscape through this project, respecting single individualities. Three are main areas of architectural costruzione: the existing part containing some new elements; the newly developed part, in which we have planned a coherent growth system; the part of the relation tools between both mentioned parts. The building complex shall express itself in simplicity, letting the materials play the role of aesthetic differentiation of architectures.

It is an environmental awareness project: care for the protection of local landscape and respect for the macro environment.