“Crystal tree”

Crystal tree | Timisoara (Romania) | 2009




project data

date: 2009
client: private
location: Timisoara (Romania)
size data:
1.200 sq.m. area surface
500 sq.m. covered surface
8.700 sq.m. total gfs
48, 50 m height
n° 13 floor

services: Preliminary project
partners: S.C.Bodega&Partners RO s.r.

The building is perceived as a real tree whose power system and the skin present a kind of micro ecosystem. The purpose of ecosystem is to guarantee the energy autonomy, founded on the vital typical functions of the plant life.
The structure consists of one vertical central nucleus in which all the vertical connections: stairs, lifts, equipments “come together”.
This is a real vital lymph of the building that distributes the hot and cold water on all levels for rooms’s heating and refrigeration with the help of the geothermal sonde connected to one heat pump.

The skin is a crown of the tree: the facade consists of the opal and clear glass panels of various colours to which the models are attached of the microgreenhouses and the photovoltaic cells to transform the solar energy to the electric energy – as it happens by the way of the photosynthesis.
They are the real leaves of the building. The building follows the changing of the seasons. In fact its skin “wears” bright colours in summer due to simple equipment such as curtains, panels and brise soleil and change its clothes into muted, neutral and monochromatic tints in winter.