Waterworld | Qatar | 2007



Project data

Date: 2013
Client: Palm Holdings
Object:  Waterworld – Submarine shell rooms
Location: Qatar
Size data:
Public area: 92.770 sq. m. ;
Rooms: No. 400;
Villas: No. 56;

Project Stage: Preliminary project
Partners: Arch. G. Ceppi – Arch. A. Piancastelli

The habitation is planned like marine place like a shell that could “live” independently from the energetic point of view on the bottom of the sea. The “cell” is prefabricated and could be installed and planned like a small yacht. That could use the minimal construction technology and could be placed underwater. It is completely assembled in the workshop and is completed with the furniture and all the necessary installations. The “shell” is to be collocated on the bottom on the different levels that could change due to the use of the place, with the easy accessfrom the top from the surface. The construction is on the two levels, one from the surface of the water consist of the deck solarium, access in the shadow from brise-soleil, catcher fotogalvanic that could “feed” itself. The submerged level consists of the living place that can differ due to the versions of the room/s, relax place and toilet, furnished in the best lifestyle. The transportation and the access is provided by the moto-boats that are located by the cell ready for the use, filling with water the terminal compartment like a real Nautilus, that allows the cell to be located on the bottom of the sea. There are three anchors at the bottom. The system permits endless possibilities to be re-located and there is no necessaty of the works on the spot. The artificial principles permit the projest to be completely ecological, independent and sustainable, also to be self-sufficient to correspond to the different landscapes, beautiful places and to integrate in the way to be the part of such places. The cells could be both united in “clusters” and be separate, one by one, due to the specification of the different landscapes.