Verona Tower, “The Eye”

Verona Tower “The Eye” | Verona Italy | 2011



project data

date: 2011
client: Bonazzi Real Estate
Oobject:  Verona Tower, “The Eye”
location: Verona
size data:
26.420 sq.m. Parking area
15.100 sq.m. office
480 sq.m. sky office
2.550 sq.m. Commercial area, restaurant and bar
1.730 sq.m. Marketing area and Spa

services: Preliminary project
lead consultant: Colombo Costruzioni

The site is located outside the city limits, along the highway ribbon; the necessity is to create a tower-like functional container able to house offices and services to them. Therefore, the goal set by the project is the optimal use of the piece of the ground, narrow and stretched out and the permitted height limit of 120 m. The single material tower is born and grows from the underground, as a linear monolith, becoming a visual reference along the perspective of the highway ribbon.
The base consists of three open levels where service and reception spaces for common use are located, such as a cafe, a restaurant, an auditorium; on the upper floor areas dedicated to relaxation and communication can be found, provided with such facilities as a gym, a spa and a meetings area, while on walking up the stairs common sky offices are located.The 30-floor tower is expressed in an elliptical cross section with the core made up of the bearing structure, vertical connections, plants and floor services. The vertical section is interrupted by large open two- o three- floor spaces with the offices overlooking these true vertical greenhouses. At the top the eye is placed, floating: a large meeting and party room, completely transparent, with the iris that changes its color thus scanning the hours of the day. The shell consists of a filter skin, shimmering “brise soleil” scale which creates the ever-changing and vibrant image of the tower. The building is capable of producing the majority of the energy required for its needs with the help of the renewable type systems. Geothermal probes, the photovoltaic shell and a wind rotor placed at the top are able to produce 335Kw.