Valgeranna Golf & Spa Resort

Valgeranna Golf & Spa Resort | Parnu, Estonia | 2010



project data

date: 2010
client: Estonia Project
object:  Resort in Valgeranna, Parnu – Estonia
location: Parnu, Estonia
size data: Surface area 35,000 sq.m., hotels n° 3, hotel rooms n° 288, apartments n° 100
services: Preliminary project

The construction area, located in Valgeranna, 8 km west from Parnu, occupies the territory equal to 11 hectares and presents 35,000 sq m of gross building surface. Part of this surface is dedicated to accommodation facilities (hotels and residences) with approximately 400 rooms and apartments.
The remaining surface will house all the other amenities: a Spa and wellness centre, health/medical facilities, a water park, swimming pools, restaurants, a casino and leisure amenities, a shopping gallery, a conference hall, as well as indoor and outdoor sports areas.
The concept of the resort is based on the three main characteristic features distinguishing the project area and its surroundings (Pärnu): the sea water with its therapeutical properties (thalassotherapy), the beach and the game of golf. The value of these three elements is enhanced by the fame of Pärnu known for its beaches and spa resorts as the most attractive Estonian town.

As a consequence, the project which is being realized, exploits these elements taking into consideration also the target of the established clientele. The Italian style in design and functionality will give an additional value to the concept of the resort. The project is dedicated to a medium/high target clients: families with children, seniors, retired people, people with health problems, interested in thermal medical treatments and requiring a long term stay, but also couples, mainly the young ones who are interested in entertainment, wellness and sports as well as golf amateurs etc.
An extraordinary scenario and climatic conditions indicated the guidelines for correct planning. The typical structure “Resort” faces the necessity to be exploited 365 days a year with the outside temperatures that may go below -15 or over +25 degrees. Therefore, the idea is on the one hand to recreate an artificial liveable landscape despite the climatic conditions, on the other hand to use the genius of the place to be able to capture its extraordinary environmental qualities. As a result, the structure is born by nature itself, it enters into the symbiosis with it and absorbs its materials, dimensions, its grain and colours; it grows inside the nature and gives shape to the light volumetric solutions where there is no a border line between the artificial and the natural.

The resort is composed of business units which are autonomous and interdependent but at the same time functionally connected by a circumferential radial passage with air conditioning which unites all the amenities such as a water park- the core of the recreational activities, a casino, a disco, a night club, restaurants and commercial activities. The circular passage transforms later in radial one, stretching out like an overhead passageway, from livelier zones to more silent and sensorial zones of wellness until it pushes through the wood and the lagoon to the beach and the sea.
The buildings are constructed according to the aggregate geometry which is inspired by the texture of the natural materials present in the place. The hexagonal grid of the residential complex “appartments-hotel” allows great fluidity in the composite space managing and at the same time geometrical austerity, which risults advantageous from the constructive point of view because it permits employment of prefabricated technologies. The materials that constitute the skin of the buildings and also their colour insert well in the natural landscape and guarantee great permeability of its fronts on the one hand and exciting emotional involvement due to the large reflective surfaces, on the other.
The materials, technologies and the energetic solutions empoyed, such as biomass system are all oriented at eco-efficiency and sustainability.