Underground Parking Mazzini Square

Underground Parking | Lecco | 2005



data project

date: 2005
client: Colombo Costruzioni S.p.a.
object:  Underground parking in Mazzini Square – Lecco
location: Lecco
size data:
Intervention surface 5.000 mq
Parking surface 13.625 mq
Volumetry 44.029 mc
Parking spaces n°419

project stage: Project Financing

The square involved in the intervention is located in a strategic area to reach the town centre, find a car park and plunge into the vital functions of the historical centre. It is possible to access this area from an arterial urban road of primary importance, which is directly connected to the town centre on its sides.

The totally underground new parking structure is aimed at wholly occupying the available area in Mazzini Square with its 3 underground floors. After freeing the square surface from traffic and parking spaces, the requalification of the square, of its green areas, tree rows, pedestrian paths and landscape views becomes vital. The new square arrangement will be tuned in to the existing characteristics by limiting the presence of new volumetries. The localization of the entrances and the elevation of the architectural elements will be non-invasive and will respect the square perspective balances, thus requalifying and improving the whole area as well as enlarging the part outside the foyer of “Teatro della Società” (the Social Theatre) and reuniting it to Garibaldi Square, similarly to the recent requalifications performed by the Town Council. The stony horizontal surfaces, such as porphyry and grey stones – already pre-existing in other squares – will have to draw rigorous geometries, thus restoring rhythm and lyricism in the square system.