Shopping Complex Palastyle Chelyabinsk

Shopping Complex Palastyle Chelyabinsk | Chelyabinsk – Russia | 2008



Project data

Date: 2008
Client: Private client
Object:  Palace Style: commercial complex in Chelybinsk, Russia
Location: Chelyabinsk – Russia
Size data:
Area surface: 3.300 mq;
Covered surface: 1.000 mq;
Total gfs: 5.600 mq;
Height: 27 m;
Floor: No. 7;

Project Stage: Preliminary project
Partners: G.Rustignoli ingegneria

The site is situated in an area of commercial expansion in Chelyabinsk in the Urals region. The exposition and communication are the basic ideas that are realized in the building.
At the same time this building functions as a container, interpreted as a safe and also as a casket that communicates the content value in the discreet but refined manner, in the space without confines with a possibility to propose, represent, touch, taste, smell, caress, discover the best of the Italian Style.
The lay-out includes 7 levels with total space perception: the vertical passages are situated along the perimeter of the walls to provide the maximum flow’s passability and the best interaction between various levels, the light penetrates inside the building both through the roof and through the skin very uniformly.
The merchandising distribution is realized on six levels on the basis of the perception: at first the vision (retail trade and temporary exhibitions), then going up, the smell, the touch, the hearing and the taste where small wine cellars as tuns protect wines and liqueurs, so you go up till you arrive at the “pleasure”- the point of vanitie satisfaction. The glass and metal facade is a semi-transparent filter that grasps a faint outside light and amplifies it using microprisms.
Then this light is diffused inside of the show-rooms and becomes transformed to a “magic lantern” at night. The steel structural elements and the construction materials are taken from the local natural “catalogue” of the structures and the series of imported components of high technology.