Sede direzionale SMS Demag Innse

Executive Headquarters of SMS DEMAG INNSE s.p.a. | San Donato | 2004



Project data

Date: 2004
Client: SMS DEMAG INNSE spa, Milan
Object:  Project of the new executive headquarters
Location: Milan Street, San Donato, Milan
Size data:
Total surface: 4,300 sq. m.;

Project Stage of the building and plant works: Definitive project, executive project and art direction
Project Stage of the furniture: Definitive, executive project and works direction
Partners: G. Rustignoli ingegneria

The project intervention concerns the new offices in the Italian executive headquarters of the company SMS Demag. The office premises are located within a new pre-existing architectural complex, which is articulated into two three-storey bodies.
The reception and connection activities are placed in the central hub, while the canteen, the storeroom, the technical premises and the parking area are to be found in the basement.

The main concept articulating the project is the division into three macro sections corresponding to the three main functions of the company. In order to make this subdivision manifest and functional, a colour and a very easy sign graphics of high visual efficacy have been given to each floor. The floor reference colour becomes a decoration element of the environment. In fact, it is used to correctly identify some recurring elements on each floor, such as columns, copy-box booths, seats and the graphics. These small coloured spots can be easily identified since most of the room surfaces are based on different shades of grey.

The use of big glazed surfaces to divide the different working areas has allowed obtaining an overall perception of the building internal space, thus avoiding creating a sensation of closed and cramped spaces.