Planetaria Enterprise Hotel

Planetaria Enterprise Hotel | Milano | 2001



Project data

date: 1999 – 2001
client: Planetaria srl, Milan
object: Hotel Enterprise. Conservative recostruzione of an existing building and change to hotel use in Milan
size data:
Surface 1,770 sq. m.
Volumetry 6,190 c. m.
Rooms No. 112
project stage: Architectural preliminary, definitive, executive project and art direction. Furniture executive project 

The project anticipates the recovery of a disused building that was previously a warehouse. The global structure of the building was maintained, work being done therefore on the façade and on the distribution of internal spaces.
The architectural spaces and the structural system of the building show its previous purpose and reveal an industrial vocation that is to be interpreted and evaluated, offering in fact an opportunity to work, above all on the ground floor and the raised floor, with a lot of space.
It seemed therefore fundamental to not waste such an advantage, declaring the partial neutrality and independence of the unit compared to the contents. As a result the architectural box acts like a big wrapping, recognisable by its autonomous and absolute spaces, able to then welcome and manage the hotel structure on the inside, in a harmonious and interdependence way.
However at the same time as giving an impression of a “grand scale”, the hotel must ensure an interpretation of the threshold being brought closer, which is above all fundamental in the private areas such as the bedrooms. Here, indeed, the logic of “a place for everything” appears, in that the details, design and function, the precision, both executive and communicative, become concrete and physical clues to a wider character. The ground floor is intended for the functions of welcoming and entertaining guests, in addition to the events area (where the perimeter looks onto a walkway conceived as an exhibiting space), a closed garden and a congress centre.
A large restaurant is designed for the first floor, which can be divided into more intimate spaces thanks to movable partition walls, whereas the bedrooms are on the upper floors. The hotel car park can be found on the basement and ground floor.