Philips S.p.A. – Restaurant area

Philips S.p.A. – Restaurant area | Monza | 2000-2001



Project data

Date: 2000 – 2001
Client: Philips Italia S.p.A.
Object: New service centre and restaurant area in Monza (MI)
Location: Monza, Italy
Size data:
Surface: 1,770 sq. m.;
Restaurants area: 300 sq. m.;
Seats: No. 220;

Project Stage: Preliminary, definitive, executive and works direction. Furniture project.

The restructuring of the area belonging to Philips, in Monza, was aimed at improving the environmental and sensory conditions of the spaces. The essential element of this project is not only the distributional reassessment of furniture but also the enhancement of lights and materials.

The intervention on the false ceiling with waved elements in ramin wooden staves wants to eliminate the sense of crushing and oppression of the pre-existing situation by modulating the light and creating a dynamic perception of the environment.

For that purpose – through the design of a suitable hanged supporting structure – optical fibres have been tested as a point lighting system for the first time in Europe. Therefore, the room has been equipped with double lighting, which makes it suitable for company events too, such as personnel meetings or corporate presentations. Some special ramin-coated containers have been used for plants, integrating some technical and services modules in the design as well. Particular attention has been paid to seat colouring, basing it on a set of different chromatic ranges in red. The walls are characterized by digital images of foodstuffs and markets in different areas of the world in order to convey a pleasant sense of naturalness and colour.