Pedestrian Overbridge

Pedestrian Overbridge | Lecco | 1998



Project data

date: 1998
client: Amministrazione Comunale di Lecco (Legge 109/94)
oggetto: Pedestrian overbridge, Sassi square, Caleotto area in Lecco
size data:
Total length 170 m
Start width 4.30 m
Central span width 6.60 m
project stage: Design competition. No. 1 ranking
Preliminary, definitive, executive project and works direction

The town of Lecco is longitudinally cut from south to north by the railway, constituting an urban barrier that becomes evident on a spatial level and substantially limits road connections from side to side. The railway overbridge physically and directly joins two different but complementary realities in Lecco, which are represented by the town historical centre and the complex “La Meridiana”.
In a metaphorical sense, it works as a bridge between the past and the future, between tradition and innovation.
The project takes some initial  “assumptions” into account: reduction of the constraints towards the State Railways, easy and fast execution, structural lightness and reduction of the environmental impact, cost efficiency. The consequent project choices imply the elimination of any roofing, of mechanized horizontal and vertical ways.
The new planking is foreseen to be laid in three points: on both sides of the railway station, out of the track yard, and in a central track-free area. In such a way, the anchoring of the bridge does not interfere with the railway plants or the railway activity in any way, nor it would constitute a restriction to future changes, if any, to the track organization.
The planking metallic structure is developed on two main large spans, oberbridging the track yards, and on a secondary one to pass over the side roads.