New offices and changing rooms

New offices and changing rooms | Paderno d’Adda | 1993



Project data

date: 1993
client: IMEC S.p.A., Paderno d’Adda, (Lc)
object:  Progetto nuovi uffici e spogliatoi della ditta a Carvico, (Bg) 
size data:
Surface 882 sq. m.
Volumetry 6350.40 c. m.
project stage: Draft project

The project is set to add a storey to the canteen building – developed on two levels – making its shape regular, standardizing its structural steps and adding a new body of vertical connections, which are shaped into an external block, at the end of one of the long sides.

Such a hypothesis created the need to intervene on the vertical surfaces to guarantee a right lighting with reference to the new space destinations and homogenize the façades by means of a second “skin”