New Eurocar BMW dealer

New Eurocar BMW dealer | Lecco | 1992



Project data

date: 1992
client: Eurocar BMW, Lecco
object: New BMW dealer in Lecco
size data
Surface 2835 sq. m.
services: Preliminary project

The project for the new BMW car dealer came into being as an answer to a precise need of Eurocar: obviating the difficulties due to the peculiarity of having two distinct headquarters in the town, each one with its own operational and special features (the showroom and the garage).
The project place is ideally made up of two parts: a previously existing one to be restructured and a “rib” to be erected all over again. In order to ensure continuity to both interventions we thought of a mesh structure that could be equipped to become a functional hinge between the renovated part and the new building.
The system – composed of modular and flexible components – is set out like an assembly kit that plays different roles and takes on different services according to the needs.