New Entrance of the Furniture Shopping Centre

New Entrance of the Furniture Shopping Centre | Merone | 1994



Project data

date: 1994
client: Damiano due Merone, (Co)
object:  Restructuring the furniture shopping centre 
size data: Surface 150 sq. m.
project stage: General project, executive project and
works direction

The project concretises the will to leave a “dynamic” message, which fits the short insight and perception time of the building, which you relate to from a crook and unusual perspective.

The marquee does not “elevate” opposite the entrance, but “crumbles” in front of it lengthways, in line with the complex progression and the kinetic suggestions around. The idea of a rhythmic, modular and frequent structure without complicated details has come to mind this way.

Two materials have been essentially used: stone for the basement, steel and glass for elevations and roofing, according to a clear and coherent diagram.

The colour (green) is entrusted with the task of guaranteeing unity and the idea of a “brief, clear and unique gesture”.