Multi-storey Parking – Serpentino Area

Multi-storey Parking – Serpentino Area | Lecco | 2005



data project

date: 2005
cliente: Colombo Costruzioni S.p.a.
object:  Multi-storey parking in the Serpentino area
location: Lecco
size data:
intervention surface 4.540 mq
Parking surface 9.389 mq
Volumetry 30.876 mc
Parking spaces n°334

project stage: Project Financing

The project foresees the realization of an urban structure to satisfy the remarkable need for parking places and tries to combine the functionality requirements (practicability of the entrances and pedestrian ways) with the needs of the intervention historical context. From the architectural-spatial point of view, the new structure will have to look like a monolith that is carved by the site and functional geometries. These primary geometries, the limited height, the choice of a single matter and mono-chromaticity will have to generate a rigorous, little invasive image, thus giving a complete shape to an outstanding place in the town.

The new structure will respectfully approach the adjacent buildings of historical and environmental urban relevance in the observance of the imposed restrictions. The intervention intends to meet some requirements depending on the functional destination of the new structure and its integration into the urban road system. Furthermore, it proposes itself to requalify an area of a high environmental value, which is important for the town image, and replace the current grey area with a new significant urban connection to the adjacent urban tissue. The image of the historical centre as well as its vitality and tourist interest will benefit from it.