Multi-purpose sports hall

Multi-purpose sports hall | Cadorago | 2005



data project

date: 2005
client: Municipality of Cadorago
object:  Multi-purpose sports hall
location: Cadorago
size data:
Surface of the building 1.935 mq
Volumetry 13.000 mc
Outer surface 8.100 mq

project stage: Feasibility study

This project proposes an interpretation of the “sports hall” subject and designs an articulated structure promoting the performance of different activities at the same time. The building is not seen as a closed space in itself any longer, to be used only on the occasion of sports activities, but as a structure where a mix of activities coexist and the spaces of which are proposed as socializing areas. The conviction is that providing a town – having similar characteristics to the one in question – with a new space for sports means exploiting the opportunity to enrich this complex with more impulses promoting the use of the complex itself. In order to guarantee that the assumptions, on which the main design concept is founded, are seen as achieved, the whole project is strongly based on the will to organize the area in a clear way.

This simplicity must be seen as a model of organization, use and management. However, this must not be to the disadvantage of the function and space richness that a similar complex can generate. In this sense, the project interprets the lot as a two-dimensional surface, a “board” on which the use destinations are suggested through graphic representations.