Manzoni Group Offices

Offices in the Headquarters of Manzoni Group | Bergamo, Italy | 1999



Project data

Date: 1999
Client: Manzoni Group spa, Bergamo
Object:  New executive headquarters in Bergamo
Location: Bergamo, Italy
Size data:
Surface: 731,20 sq. m.;
Volumetry: 1,890 c. m.;

Project Stage: Preliminary, definitive project and works direction

The new headquarters are located inside an existing tertiary complex and occupy a portion of the fourth and fifth floors. The spaces, which are free and arranged to be used as open spaces, have a double continuous glass view oriented along the east-west axis. The operational offices are located
on the fourth floor and a part of them has been kept as an open space; the executive offices and two conference rooms, which are visually extending on a terrace deck, are foreseen on the fifth floor. The concept of lightness has guided the design of both operational and executive interiors so
as to guarantee transparency and permeability among the rooms as well as the required privacy degree.

For this reason, the longitudinal walls along the corridor have been proposed in transparent glass with fitted darkening blind; while the partition between adjacent offices is obtained by means of equipped walls with glazed fanlight.