Integrated Touristic Pole – Valmontone

Integrated Touristic Pole | Valmontone | 2010



project data

date: 2013
client: Alfa 4 s.r.l. – Brescia
object:  Integrated touristic pole
location: Valmontone
size data:
Covered surface 15,250 sq.m.;
Total gross floor surface 37,750 sq.m.;
Hotels n° 3;
Villas n° 20;
Hotel rooms n° 640

services: Concept plan
partners: Lab.01

Green Park Hotel
It’s a four star hotel dedicated to business, a sophisticated machine, characterised by a high degree of flexibility. The spaces are integrated with the working and recreative functions, in order to guarantee perfect comfort inside the structure. The hotel is designed for an exigent type of clients, whose needs were taken into consideration both by the space concept which addresses business requirements in a particular way– large conference rooms and meeting halls for a possible hourly let – and by the study of recreative spaces, such as the spa and fitness area, the thematic restaurants, the living rooms.

The Vessel
It’s a four star hotel dedicated to the family, characterized by a wide range of activities for entertainment and, at the same time, providing a high level of comfort and service for exigent customers.
The central theme is ‘living in dephts’ which can be perceived already from the outside of the hotel: the idea is to make one feel welcomed by a vessel aground in the woods and surrounding nature.
Even the interiors are characterized by glimpses and views typical of the lowerdeck life: pictures of aquariums create unusual and unexpected scenarios of the cabins, a full-height giant aquarium placed in the entrance hall announces the change of register of the spaces organized around it.