Industrial area development “Ex SGAT”

Industrial area development “Ex SGAT” | Lallio – Bergamo | 2011



project data

date: 2011
client: Radici Real Estate
object:  Valorization of industrial area “Ex Sgat”
size data:
Builiding area 30.800 sq.m.;
Parcking and depot 3.720 sq.m.;
Commercial area 16.175 sq.m;
Craft area 3.840 sq.m;
services: Preliminary project
partners: Nord Italia Engineering & Real Estate s.r.l.

The goal set by the intervention is the recostruzione of the industrial area located on the outskirts of the town of Lallio. The proposed objective is that to create a multifunctional center, attractive from the commercial point of view. The research has been built on such concepts as: economy, sustainability, high performance. The layout is designed to provide maximum flexibility and versatility both from the functional and temporal point of view. The large parking lots and the internal road network provide comfortable and speedy use of the functional spaces provided. The commercial, manufacturing and tertiary areas live in symbiosis inside the shells, transparent and permeable to the light and greenery. The nature penetrates through the areas, integrating itself and establishing standards of absolute comfort.

The tertiary services are placed on the green roof which expresses itself vertically, like the Landmark Tower. The image reflects the rhythm and the vibration of the industrial structures and is characterized by large wings, the roof brise-soleil which draw up urban prospects of the complexes with their incisive shadows. These elements constitute the “active” roof, conceived as a large green leaf, where the vegetation is integrated into the photo synthetic artificial system guaranteed by photovoltaic panels which produce 800KW. The precast structure is conceived as a versatile shell, it consists of concrete elements as far as the structures and the roof are concerned and of light elements in steel and glass for the shells and vertical connections.The building will be constructed with the use of “km 0” materials and technologies and the possibility of maximum recycling and the complete demolition of the whole complex will be guaranteed.