Hotel Structure in Montano Lucino

Hotel Structure in Montano Lucino | Montano Lucino – Como | 2006




project data

date: 2004 – 2006
customer: Sampietro S.p.a.
object:  Hotel Cruise
location: Montano Lucino, Como, Italy
size data:
Land surface: 26.250 mq;
Covered surface: 5.140 mq;
Total surface: 25.212 mq;
Volumetry: 81.300 mq;
Camere hotel: n. 134;
Camere motel: n. 59;
Junior suite: 11;
Suite: n. 6
Suite a tema motel: n. 8

Project Stage: Definitive, executive project, art direction

The study is involved in the latter stages of the work; based on a definitive project created by other professionals and with the building site already operational, a study to identify better solutions for the completion of the project was carried out. In particular work was done on the definition of the distributive layouts and on the internal and external fronts. Great importance was given to the main façade, which became a catalytic element and visible sign on the urban scenery.
The elaboration of the executive project relates to all aspects that range from the construction jobs and finishing, the elaboration of the building details, to assisting the illumination engineering design.

The basement floor houses the congress areas and service areas such as the staff canteen and changing rooms, ground floor; on the north side there is the main hotel entrance, which leads into the lobby that gives access to the congress rooms, and to the bar-living and a vertical connection to the bedrooms;

On the south side there is the independent access to the motel bedrooms, each with its own garage and private lift, first floor; in addition to the area reserved for the motel rooms there is also a restaurant, buffet-breakfast area and meeting zone.

The central body of the hotel is dedicated to the fitness area, upper floors; here are the hotel bedrooms, which are classified as normal, suite and mini-suite.

  1. First floor plan
  2. Main view – entrance
  3. Main façade – building site
  4. Section and view of main façade
  5. Details of the serigraphy of the façade
  6. Motel bedroom – type rouge
  7. Hotel bedroom