Hotel Complex in Valtellina

Hotel Complex in Valtellina | Bormio, Italia | 2009



project data

date: 2009
client: Private
object:  Alpin hotel complex in Valtellina – Bormio, Italy
location: Bormio, Italia
size data:
10.680 sq.m. Total gfs;
n°5 storeys;
n°100 rooms

services: Preliminary project

The morphology of the ground, its exposure to the village, to the nature, the genius of typical rural constructions have influenced the preference of a certain architectural concept. Indeed, the building presents an aggregation of small and simple spaces which aim at preserving ties with nature and the landscape and at mantaining the functional microclimatic characteristics.
The seven modules are aggregated along the main axis in oblique angle to the steep slope. The destination of the internal functions of the Hotel such as rooms, a restaurant, common spaces, a SPA is expressed by their skin.

It’s a six level building, with a semi-basement where the biomass thermal power station, parkings and service functions are placed, two of the latter ones devided between the semi-basement and the first floor, which also contains spaces for the welcoming function; as far as the resting floors with the hotel rooms go, their front overlooks the best view, “deforming” itself to capture both the most beautiful glimpses and the sun. The materials for the skin of the building are natural, the colours were chosen following an accurate chromatic analysis of the colours present in the surrounding environment during the seasonal rotation. In the same way the rythm of the vertical brise- soleil elements blunts the perception one may have from the valley of a man-made front and create continuity of the perspective with the woods present on the slope.