Green village “Sunflower”

Green Village “Sunflower” – Tondi | Tallin – Estonia | 2010



project data

date: 2010
client: Pro Kapital Eesti AS
object:  Residential complex in Tallin – Estonia
location: Tallin – Estonia
size data:
Intervention area 21,959 sq.m.;
covered surface 11,000 sq.m.;
residential surface 31,120 sq.m.;
commercial and tertiary surface 4,000 sq.m.;
storeys n° 5, buildings n° 15

partners: G.Rustignoli ingegneria

The volumetric design was generated after an accurate analysis of the sunshine intensity of the zone and after a profound study of shadows falling on the single buildings during various seasons. The lay out and orientation of the buildings were chosen in such a way as to optimize both the perspective view, always open, and the exposure of the buildings with double aspect lodgings as well as of single aspect ones; single aspect lodgings oriented to the North are not foreseen.
Heliodynamic analyses have “shaped” the profile of the buildings in such a way as to let as much sunshine penetrate the lodgings and among the buildings themselves as possible.

The territory of the Green Village “Sunflower” is divided into three thematic areas, each possessing their own characteristics and pecularities important for “imprinting”, that is the idea of the inhabitants identifying themselves with their place of residence.

ARTS: it is an area dedicated to induviduals particularly sensible to artistic arguments, to fashion, elegance and is located in the north-east.
The residences and the tertiary commercial activities create an “open” functional mix, where the creative activities are practised creating a unique, lively social fabric.

SPORTS: it is an area dedicated to sportsmen and physically very active people. The residential areas are located in proximity to the big existing sports complex, which is both a cornerstone and an attracting element. There youthful and informal atmosphere should reign, where dynamism blends with a characteristic natural landscape forming a unique context.

NATURE: it is a thematic area dedicated to nature amateurs, located in the center of the lot; here one will have a possibility to express one’s own attitude towards nature in the middle of the urban space, in a place characterised by the presence of typical native natural essences.
The area internal mobility network is based on the orthogonal guiding lines of the whole village as well as on the principle of separation of various transportation modalities. The aim of such a choice is a creation of a man-sized settlement, where it would be particularly pleasant and easy to move without a car. Movements from any point of the village result easy and secure, facilitated by bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths.

The private parking places are located in the semi-basement, under the buildings and green areas.
The versatility of the distributive layouts of the single units will facilitate the correct placement of various functional spaces according to market requirements.
The structure will be composed of 11 five level modular buildings, parallel to each other and oriented on the north-west and south-est axis for better sun illumination and staggered to mitigate the visual impact.
Along the Sojakooli Tn the localization of 3 modular buildings is foreseen, placed in a straight line and intended for mixed destinations; the lateral buildings of a smaller dimension are developed over 5 levels and the central one is developed over 4 levels of the same size with the fifth smaller level, having a green terrace.
The area destinated to commerce and the tertiary occupies 10% of the surface and can be distributed on the ground floor and partially on the superior levels which are served by the main road network of the district and by large flat parking places for a quicker access.