Graveyard in Cadorago

New parvis and new entrance to the municipal graveyard | Cadorago | 2005



data project

date: 2005
client: Municipality of Cadorago
object:  New parvis and new entrance to the municipal graveyard
location: Cadorago
total surface:3.600 mq
project stage: Preliminary and definitive project

The project intervention choices are dictated by the peculiarity of the subject itself, the place of the dead, a place of silence, recollection and prayer. The graveyard is composed of two parts: the older nineteenth-century establishment with a remarkable axiality and the subsequent extension altering its general image. The clearness of the arrangement of the first plan was then betrayed outside by the lack of a real entrance, which is currently replaced by two small pedestrian gates on the right and left sides of the main front.

The waiting space is currently reduced to a little plot of pavement that was part of the road leading to the parking area. Two big plane-tree specimens, which are visible from the opposite pedestrian path, frame the front of the graveyard. That’s why we felt the need of a well-defined space, an area mediating the relation between the outside and the inside and a space adapted as a parvis for people’s reception and stop.