Functional requalification of Italia Square

Functional requalification of Italia Square | Chianciano | 2006




Project data

date: 2006
committente: Comune di Chianciano
structures:  Gamma Engineering Lecco
electrical/mechanical installations: Technion Lecco
acoustics: Biobyte S.r.l.
landscaping: Emilio Trabella + Lab.01
location: Lecco
dati dimensionali:
14.170 mq superficie area/sq.m. area surface
5084 mq superficie coperta/sq.m. covered surface
16.250 mq slp totale/ gfs
20,60 m altezza/heigh – n° 4 piani/floor

The roofing has been designed as a light crystal cloud, which is held ten-metres high by tree branches.
Dematerialization, i.e. the structure non-invasiveness, light permeability and colour iridescence have suggested the idea of working on static highly-developed concepts, which are connected to patterns that have already been well-expressed in nature, such as the structured surfaces, also represented by “origami”, which are a synonym for structural lightness and elegance.
The steel truss roofing framework has a centre distance of 8.72 l.m. and a bay of over 27.34 l.m. It is tied up by an 8 l.m. pitch transverse and diagonal secondary frame supporting the glass casing and involving it in a subtle static play. The horizontal structure is supported by 10 columns, which are divided into two rows and placed at the extremity of the square. The columns look like real trees with 4 branches supporting the upper truss.
The glass casing consists of four types of self-supporting stratified triangular panels, the sides of which are about 200 by 200 cm, with no linear supporting structure and just secured by simply resting on their vertices and matching the sheets themselves, which are fixed by means of small joints.
The glass sheets will have a surface serigraphic finish to guarantee a correct light diffusion as well as a 60% shading rate.
The so-designed casing expresses itself as a big cloud of 1640 sq. m. which is composed of crystals with thousands of facets, guaranteeing unexpected light and colour reflections and iridescence and changing according to light and weather conditions. These perception plays can be attributed to the refraction of precious stones or the glare on the waters, which are the symbol of Chianciano.