Complex for temporary flats

Complex for temporary flats | Lentate sul Seveso | 2004

concept A

development A

concept B

development B

Project data

Date: 2004
Client: Private client
Object:  New residential complex: 42 ecologically sustainable flats
Location: Lentate sul Seveso (MI)
Size data:
Land surface: 4,807 sq. m.;
Covered surface: 1,249 sq. m.;
Gross floor surface: 2,686 sq. m.;
Volumetry: 8,303 c. m.;

Project Stage: Preliminary, definitive, executive project and works direction.
Partners: Lab. 01

The intervention concerns a new residential complex that has been designed according to the current principles of eco-sustainability. This means not only paying attention to the choice of materials and the use of low-impact or energy-recovery technologies, but also to the functional concept of the complex. Starting from the concept of flexibility, which permeates the whole intervention, the building is based on a modular pattern made up of flats of different sizes, connected to a range of services that can be combined according to the tenants’ requirements each time. The laundry, the ironing room, the fitness area, private greenhouse gardens, hobby or work rooms that can be rented by the hour make up the functional mix of this “machine”, which is able to adapt itself to the tenants’ requirements without any space waste and offering the greatest comfort.