Commercial complex “Miraggio” in Berbenno

Commercial complex “Miraggio” | Berbenno | 2001 – 2002


Project data

Date: 2001 – 2002
Client: Miraggio srl, Malgrate (LC)
Object:  Production and commercial settlement
location: Berbenno di Valtellina (SO)
Size data:
Surface of the area: 6,000 sq. m.;
Surface: 5,729 sq. m.; Volumetry: 18,000 c. m.;

Project Stage: Preliminary, definitive, executive project.

The project of the new commercial and production complex, which will be made up of a prefabricated structure, has been developed in two separate bodies, which are placed side by side – each of them being on two levels and connected to the intermediate floor and the roofing to be used as a parking area by an access ramp. The horizontal insulated curtain panels will be coated with fluorine varnishes in order to make the intervention more distinctive and guarantee an easier maintainability of the panelling itself, while the stairwell and lift well covering is foreseen in varnished aluminium sheet panels. The commercial area on the Lecco-Sondrio road is developed on two levels and has independent accesses; it is highly characterised by the uninterrupted transparent façade and by a grid pattern supporting the communicative graphics.