Car dealer

Car dealer | Lentate sul Seveso | 2003



data project

date: 2013
client: Axco S.r.l.
object:  Ristrutturazione edilizia e ampliamento di immobile per nuova autoconcessionaria
location: Lentate sul Seveso (Mi)
size data:
land surface 2.865 mq
covered surface 966 mq
gross floor surface 1.293 mq

project stage: Preliminary, definitive, executive project, works direction

The project refers to the building functional renovation and the arrangement of the pertaining areas in a property located in Lentate sul Seveso (MI).

The projects provides for the recovery and renovation of the existing construction body retaining the roofing structure, while the enlargement realization is scheduled following the profile of the present building by enlarging it towards the yard. The vertical bearing steel-frame structure is foreseen only perimetrally. The aim is to obtain spaces without supporting structures, which are consequently more suitable for the foreseen commercial activity. Horizontal floors will be made of prefabricated slabs.

The stair body is localized on the east front as well as the lift to connect the various levels and the service block. The inner yard area has been drawn following the mirror rhythm of the uninterrupted glass façade – inserting the ventilation grids for the sunken parking into this scheme – and of the opaline glass mirrors that allow naturally lighting the first basement level, where a sunken parking on two levels is located.