C.A.S.E. Project – Antiseismic, sustainable and eco-friendly complexes – L’Aquila

C.A.S.E. Project – Antiseismic, sustainable and eco-friendly complex | L’Aquila | 2009


project data

date: 2009
client: Fumagalli Edilizia Industrializzata s.p.a.
object:  C.A.S.E. project – Antiseismic, sustainable and eco-friendly complexes
location: L’Aquila
size data:
Covered surface 890 sq.m.;
Total gross floor surface 2,200 sq.m.;
Storeys n° 4

services: Preliminary, definitive and executive project

The project is inserted in the program for realization of dwelling houses destinated to provide accomodation for the earthquake victims of Aquila. It is a residential building to be constructed on the upstream face of a seismically isolated plate, using a prefabricated modular construction.
The qualitative and comfort characteristics of the designed building are comparable to those of final constructions and it’s designed for a maximum of eighty four individuals.
The building with a reinforced concrete supporting structure is quick to realize and it enables to observe the realization schedule deadlines. It’s a three level above ground building, having the following characteristics: the internal net height of 270 cm, the dimensions approximately 21 x 57 m, apart from the basement destinated for a parking place.

The building is served by two outside staircases and is divided in living units of various measurements.
On the main fronts terraces and mobile screen systems for the openings are provided to be able to control the solar irradiation in summer periods and dazzling during the winter; on the southern front greenhouses have been introduced for the purpose of thermal accumulation in winter.
The double batter open wings roofing with a sharp outside overhang contributes to creating of the image of the building characterised by a more austere front.
For the main facades two possible types of finishing are proposed, the first one is plaster finishing, the other one is natural o painted wood pannelling, both creating a pattern on the facade.