“Butterfly Park” – Golf & Resort

Butterfly Park – Golf & Resort | Arad Romania | 2008



project data

date: 2013
client: Stroyfort S.r.l. Kuban Bank
object:  Kuban Tower Centre
location: Krasnodar, Russia
size data:
total area: 78.185 mq;
commercial area: 15.760 mq;
office area: 18.630 mq;
residential area: 41.155 mq;
garden area: 6.370 mq;
technical locals: 2.640 mq;
Indoor parking area: 4.830 mq;
floors: n. 28

activity: progetto preliminare
partners: BriC S.r.l.

The new Butterfly Royal Golf settlement is a groundbreaking symbol for the Arad Region in Rumania.
Its innovative feature required a strong image to be recognized internationally and certainly appealing: the butterfly, as a stylized profile of the golf-course.
It is the synonymous icon with lightness and life quality; like a macro-geographic ideogram imprinted on the soil with its wing span kilometre, it reminds us of Nazca icons and it will be identifiable from the space. It is a planetary image but also a simple logo for the first communication.
This image will create a sort of indissoluble imprinting between Man and Environment that will positively affect the population.

The butterfly is the vital barycentre, around which urban functions turn, from villas to town houses, multi-floor residences, urban and commercial services. Inside the urban park, functions come one after the other and integrate in nature creating a unique and exclusive model focussing on the Golf Course.
The geometries of urban networks, volumetric ratios, road axes, distances between functional focuses and the various domains as well as the day and night perspective perception were designed according to the principles of the best “urban ergonomics”. The three private, semi-private and public domains integrate without perceptive continuity, representing themselves as a single habitat. The habitat is composed of three areas, characterised by different finishes and typological languages to better represent one’s own lifestyle: Country, Sport, Glamour.

The reference will be the “Italian Lifestyle”, finishes and components will be aligned with the highest international standards. The Butterfly Royal Resort is meant as an ecological concept.
Building typologies will be class A and B. Building technologies, materials, components will be marked by ecology and sustainability principles and conceived as “open” systems that may be updated and implemented according to the new international evolutionary requirements.