An integrate intervention program in Curno

An integrate intervention program | Curno (BG) | 2010



project data

date: 2010
client: Plinthos s.r.l.
object:  New tertiary and commercial complex – Curno
location: Krasnodar, Russia
size data:
Surface area 8,638 sq.m.;
Total gross floor surface 12,210 sq.m.;
Commercial gross floor surface 2,390 sq.m.;
Directional gross floor surface 7,284 sq.m.;
Receptive gross floor surface 1,740 sq.m.

services: Integrated Intervention Plan

The Integrate Intervention Program interests the area situated in Curno Municipality, near the entrance to Bergamo, along the county road Briantea which links Bergamo, Como and Lecco; the area in consideration covers the territory equal to 8.638,03 m².
The aims and objectives the I.I.P. intends to pursue are those to requalify the urban and environmental fabric promoting the “urban quality”.
As far as the location plan goes, the new building is given an open triangular shape with a central court-yard; the building align itself with the existing road profile, drawing back from the roadside of the county road, thus saving space for an area planted with chromatic essences and plants with trunks of a medium size and cycle/pedestrian path; the building develops over two underground levels and three/four above ground levels.

The intended use of the two underground levels is planned to be that for a parking place, where the first level is intended for a public use; as far as the above ground spaces are concerned, according to the plan, the ground floor is given to commercial activities and accomodation, the first floor to accomodation and offices and the two upper levels to the offices.
The I.I.P. programs to realize a series of public works important for the area, which are considered to have set a Quality Standard; in brief, the Program consists in renovation of the stretch of the Briantea road in front of the building, intervening on its pavement, on the greenery, on the street furniture, the street lighting with the intent to make this stretch of the road the entrance gate to the city.