Underground Parking Bormio 2005

Underground Parking | Bormio | 2005




data project

date: 2003
client: Municipality of Bormio, (So). Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports
object:  World Ski Championships, Bormio 2005: parking in the cableway area
location: Bormio (SO)
size data:
Surface 10,109 sq. m.
Volumetry 35,382 c. m.
Parking spaces No.369

project stage: Contract. No. 1 ranking. Preliminary, definitive, executive project and art direction

The project of the new Bormio 2005 Parking wants to be a functional and architectural intervention able to mediate between the local reality of Bormio, its materials and typical construction references, and the implicit international and global aspects of a great sports event such as the World Championships. The parking area is placed in a neuralgic zone, like a hinge between the two main ski lifts and, at the same time, at the limit between the finish of the ski slopes and the urban tissue. Its nature of strategic site with a strong landscape identity and great visibility from several points is evident both on the real level and on the media and television one. The big infrastructural works connected to important sports events often have the value and capacity of becoming characteristic symbols and icons of the event itself, but then they have to live their second nature, which is as important as the first one, of functionality and durability at the service of citizens on daily occasions.

The intervention project choices are characterized by the use of consolidated and rapid-execution construction technologies in accordance with the required performances and extremely short times. The catalogue of the components and finishes refers to traditional materials, which are distinguished by the uniformity of types and matters, drawing inspiration from local tradition for their use and interpreting them according to the functional and symbolic value of the work. Particular attention has been paid to the subject of sustainability in different fields: building, components and finishes, mechanic and electric systems. The totally underground garage reduces its visual impact by limiting the elements raising out of the ground, which have low volumetric incidence and limited perspective profile, to the entrances and the building where the ski school and the bar are located as well as to the parking technical ventilation elements. The ventilation elements facing the mountain are integrated into the ground and protected by vegetation. A close relation between natural-artificial elements and functional recognizability-mimesis typifies the planimetric composition. The shape harmonization of new manufactures and materials with the existing ones redraw the “profile” of the new urban front.

The visual identity of the Parking is distinctive and takes inspiration from the colours of the iris, which are typical of the World Championships. The uninterrupted rectangular, polychrome strip is interpreted by using the blue, green, red, black, yellow and white chromatic code, so as to create a system that can be recognized both from the inside and the outside of the parking area. The lines create curvilinear and irregular trajectories reminding of aerodynamic profiles. A logotype has been generated to be displayed on the different road markings and signs, complying with the international DIN standards concerning the use of typography and pictograms. Signs make use of vertical external totems to identify the car parks in the distance.