Municipal multi-purpose gym centre in Barzago

Municipal multi-purpose gym centre | Barzago | 1992



Project data

date: 1992
client: Municipality of Barzago, (Lc)
object: Municipal multi-purpose sports centre in Barzago
size data
Surface 1753.31 sq. m.
Volumetry 14026.48 c. m.
Project Stage: Invitation competition. No. 1 ranking
Preliminary, definitive and executive project

The construction area of the new gym centre is a green fallow area, which is bounded on the northern side by a football ground and an open-air basketball court. The plants confirm the sports and recreational call of the place.
The project is based on the concept of integration between the gym and the nature of the site and at the same time the need to give the building a strongly communicative image outwards. Moreover, the attention is focused on differentiating the spaces and paths available for athletes from the ones for the public.
The image is featuring two well-distinguished systems: the steel roofing, which is conceived like a whole of large hanging metallic “leaves”, and the volume, which is made up of vertical raising walls.

The mediation element is a continuous glass strip concluding the vertical walls up, which appear as mono-matter partitions on the east and west sides and are interrupted by the deep vertical incision in correspondence with the entrances. The north and south walls get a more articulated and aerial grind, which is formed by glass systems, by the forward level of the “brise-soleil” and by the coloured vertical tie-rods. The building develops on two levels.
The upper one is reserved to the public and the visitors, the lower one (absorbing the existing football changing rooms) is designed for athletes, technicians and service staff. The horizontal differentiation due to the presence on each level of an inner distribution axis, which is also a cycle lane, is to be underlined.